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    Joey Clams Bada Bing Pizza
    I don't know if it's okay to post this on here, but I would like to see if anyone here is promoting my Bada Bing Pizza Recipe?

    To refresh your memory about my pizza, go here:

    If you are one of my goombahs promoting this recipe and and you have any questions, I am available to you.

    Ciao my Amici!

    Joey C.

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    166 Too many leaks (chitika, google ads, cafepress stuff, link to blog etc.) so I send traffic, they go get free recipes from the blog.

    Good luck though...I'm sure there will be plenty of CB'rs who have grabbed links and you'll make some sales.

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    Ay Joey, how bout letting me try out the recipe first and I'll give my expert opinion on it.

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    I have to agree with Dollardaze, any link that leaves the sales page is a loss for your affiliates. Affilaites who are linking from their pages valuable realestate, want their visitors to go to sites that will make them money. The more outbound links on your page, the less likely someone will stay and read what you offer. You have a pretty nice page, I'd just get rid of some of the outbound links, and you will attract more affiliates. The only other draw back is that the recipe is so cheap. Nothing to really do about it, but it will turn off many affiliates that want to make the big bucks.


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