I used MSN bcentral to try to grow ABW, as you all know ....

Well here goes ...

Hello Haiku,

We noticed that your account was cancelled because of a violation of our Terms of Service (TOS). Our TOS states: Without limiting the foregoing, in connection with Your participation in the bCentral Banner Network You may not: artificially inflate traffic counts to Your Web site using any device, program or other means Our system is equipped with a device/software that automatically tracks such action and temporarily shuts down the account unless the site is corrected. Reasons for this range from, but not limited to, codes inserted into your site that automatically reloads the page to softwares being run on or off your site that generates a large number of credits. Another reason is the placement of your banner, it may be placed in such a non-prominent location on the site that no one can click on it or on a page that needs to be refreshed for information (such as forums or chat) .

When any of the reasons above happen, our system readily cancels the account. What we advise to our members experiencing this problem is that they try to revisit their site and look for anything that may artificially inflate traffic counts. We are assuming that our members may or may not be aware of such violation. Also, manually reactivating your account without removing the cause of the problem may not be of help because the system will just repeatedly shut down the account. And regarding your accumulated credits, credits accumulated before the account cancellation will be retained and will be used after the correction has been made. We would be glad to have you our network. Thank you for bearing with us.


Policy Enforcement Team

We are anxious for your feedback on how we can improve support for bCentral customers. If you consider your current issue closed, please click on this link to let us know how we're doing:

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To: "Microsoft bCentral Support" <>
Sent: Fri Feb 15 10:54:50 PST 2002
Subject: Prod:TB-BN:Why was my banner account # X1592106 Deactivated?

Customer Name: Haiko de Poel, Jr.
Date: Fri Feb 15 13:49:58 EST 2002

Re: Product/Service
Subject: Why was my banner account # X1592106 Deactivated?

SKU: Banner Network
Comments: From the Online Chat:

Ramsey: It is not deactivated.

Haiko de Poel, Jr.: yes it is

Ramsey: It is highly active.

Haiko de Poel, Jr.: it says I am banned

Ramsey: Could you please let me know the exact problem that you are facing in this process?

Haiko de Poel, Jr.: #1 it does not show up in my page

Haiko de Poel, Jr.: #2 when I click in the space the ad is ... I get a page saying account is deactivated

Haiko de Poel, Jr.: #3 I don't see it in my stats

Haiko de Poel, Jr.:

Haiko de Poel, Jr.: try it

Haiko de Poel, Jr.: Inactive Account You clicked on a banner of an account that has been deactivated. This means that either the owner of the account has chosen to cancel it or that one or more pages of the site that the LinkExchange banner appeared on has been evaluated as inappropriate for participation in LinkExchange.

Haiko de Poel, Jr.: SO?

Ramsey: Thanks for all the information.

Ramsey: Please wait.

Haiko de Poel, Jr.: ok

Ramsey: Haiko, I am sending you a form that will help you get in touch with the technical team.

Ramsey: Please fill up the form and submit it.

Ramsey: You will be contacted back via email as soon as possible.

Haiko de Poel, Jr.: so it is a technical issue?

Ramsey: Is there anything else that I can assist you with at this time?

Haiko de Poel, Jr.: is it a technical issue?

Ramsey: Yes, it seems so.

Ramsey: I can assure you that you will be completey assisted for your issue by them.

Haiko de Poel, Jr.: ok thank you

Ramsey: You are welcome.

( Ramsey has exited )
( Haiko de Poel, Jr. has exited )


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