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    Oreck Expanding ?
    Hey all,
    I've been lurking around for awhile watching and learning much from this site. I've heard through the grapevine that Oreck is expanding it's facilities to the middle TN area. I was wondering if this may be true and when it may be taking place. I consider Oreck to be an extremely well run organization with great values and dedication to it's customers and employees. The area needs quality employers. Any information would be great. Thanks

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    Ya, OK, pal.

    You'll need to blow your smoke a little harder; we can see right through it.

    You'll need to spin your wheels pretty fast too, if you want to attract affiliates to a company that sells low-quality garbage at three times the cost of good-quality equivalents.
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    And what does this have to do with affiliate marketing may I ask?
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    Oreck store owners around the country are also called affiliates. He/she may have searched for "oreck affiliate TN" at Google, which abestweb ranks number 2 and 3, and found his way here. Confusing us as same type of affiliates, he may have thought this is an appropriate place to ask his question.

    So, don't jump to conclusions too fast, I'd say. Oreck has a forum here and they certainly don't need to spam here.

    PS: You're welcome Oreck Corporation. All the commissions I've earned with you over the years, you deserve my time spent posting this.

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    Yes actually I did google oreck and it brought me here.
    To be honest with you I am trying to confirm this information because I actually work at the factory that Oreck is looking at. This plant is moving to Mexico soon and rumor is that Oreck Corp. has bought the building and will be expanding here. I'm not an affiliate of any kind, just desperate for information on if I may have a chance to get a job with them, a name to send a resume too etc. no spam, no joke , just looking for information.

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