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    January 11th, 2006
    Angry Can someone please help!!
    I have been marketing for Orchard Banks credit cards on this
    month I have 22,000 impressions and 3,000 visitors according to performics.

    I had several different types of advertising such as banners,ads,search
    engines,email marketing. I dont know what is wrong I do not even have
    1 sale for the month. I find this impossible. (As friends have received
    credit cards to test this product.)

    When I tried to email Orchard Bank at performics affiliate they never reply back
    to me. I have also emailed performics to see what the problem is because
    in all the time I have been marketing for Orchard Bank (1 year) I have never
    received one dime. Each month my stats are somewhere around the
    same 20-30k impressions and about 3,000 visitors. I noticed that Orchard
    Bank is not included in your trusted merchants list why?

    Can someone please respond and help me so I know what is going on?

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    June 7th, 2006
    I would say stop marketing them immediately. If you have tested them and they failed why keep going? There are plenty of other networks with card offers that do track correctly and convert.


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