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    Google has inaugurated a PPC program. This appears in the TOS:

    "Further you shall not submit Advertisements where you are an affiliate partner to the web site targeted in such Advertisement, and you do not provide content at such web site that is substantially reflective of the Target(s) being used through the AdWords Select Program. Violation of the above policies will have strict negative consequences."

    Does this mean that if you copy some text from say BeFree (Like the text offered by TigerDirect), then this will be considered "substantially reflective of the Target(s)"? Or must the text appear in the Target's ppc ad before there's a violation? Is there another minefield for affiliates here?

    Seems this may be prompted by the Mark Nutritionals case. :confused:

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    Check out the other thread on this at /ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=5&t=000327

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