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    Web Hosting merchants - ugh!
    I have been reading threads and seem to be finding nothing but PAIN when it comes to promoting web hosting merchants as an affiliate. I've promoted one through CJ for a while now, and my reversal rate just keeps climbing to near 50% now! The majority are "invalid credit card" which means credit card fraud. Maybe one in 5 reversals are "returned merchandise", which I could live with in its current proportion to non-reversed commissions. I do PPC SE marketing, and reversals really hurt a lot with the giant per-click costs I have to use to get any volume of clicks.

    Has anything been changing of late, or is it just a horrible sector to try to promote at all? Anyone had success with CJ web hosting merchants with small reversal rates? Obviously you probably won't want to give away an actual merchant's name that's working for you. But I'm just wondering if there's any hope, now that I have invested all this time setting up and streamlining AdWords and Overture keywords that get pretty good (initial) conversion rates.

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    U wish U knew
    Hosting & shoes have a lot of reversals, but if you see your trend (looks like 50% for you), as long as you allocate for it, and work through to find the best ones to promote, it can still be profitible, because commissions are pretty decent.

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    I can tell one web hosting company that is legit who I have almost no reversals with many sales -- Yahoo Small Business.

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    Thanks guys! Yahoo Small Business is actually sitting there unused in my bucket of CJ "My Advertisers" with pretty consistent EPC stats across the board. I just noticed why I haven't tried them -- the keyword link notes that their PPC affiliate policy does not allow direct connection from search engine to their site. I'd have to set up a landing page. Unfortunately, that's the side of affiliate marketing I'm not very good at if the merchant doesn't provide a content link with a good basic landing page structure to start building from.

    The current merchant I deal with has no problem with direct linking. On the other hand, the AM assured me by phone that he does the numbers each month and their reversal rate is typically less than 15%, yet I got 50%+ in May. Lowering my max CPCs enough to make this still profitable would put me in almost-no-click-land. Yug. High payout, horrendous competition, horrible reversals. Can't have your cake and eat it too. Maybe Yahoo would offer a landing page template for me to work from if I emailed their AM?

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