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    eBay US New Payment Structure from 7/1
    Starting from 7/1 and mainly:
    "Help new and small to medium-sized affiliates become more successful by lowering thresholds at the bottom tiers".

    Two tiers are added to ACRU, w/ the first bonus at 50 monthly ACRU.

    Major revision to revenue share tiers w/ first bonus level at only $25/month, from the existing $5K.

    Looks good to me.


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    About time they lowered it back again. It's rare enough to get an ACRU but they put the tier levels WAY too high for most of us.

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    That is nice.... Where did you here this? and what will the new payment structure be?

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    Got that email too. Great. Extra $$$ without extra work.

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    Yup, finally got the e-mail myself as well. I was wondering there a bit myself.

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    Here's the email:


    The eBay US Affiliate Program is excited to announce that on July 1st we will be revising our Payment Structure with the goals of increasing compensation and encouraging affiliate growth. Our main objectives are to:

    * Help new and small to medium-sized affiliates become more successful by lowering thresholds at the bottom tiers.

    * Maintain strong incentives for our top affiliates by increasing the maximum ACRU payout and offering a new $1,000,000+ Revenue Share Tier.

    The new payment structure will be enabled by tracking infrastructure enhancements that will allow us to account for more successful transactions from affiliates - hence more revenues! These enhancements will roll out in parallel on July 1st and include:

    * International Listings: Listings originating on international versions of the eBay site (non US items sold on the US site).

    * Rapid Fire Bidding: The process where bids are placed in close succession.

    Below is the detailed payout structure that will be live July 1 for the eBay US affiliate program:

    Monthly ACRU Tiers

    Total ACRUs Compensation per ACRU

    0-49 $ 12.00
    50-499 $14.00
    500-1,499 $16.00
    1,500-2,999 $18.00
    3,000+ $22.00

    Monthly Revenue Share Tiers

    Total Revenue ($) % of Revenue

    $0-$24.99 40.00%
    $25-$99.99 45.00%
    $100-$999.99 50.00%
    $1,000-$9,999.99 52.50%
    $10,000-$99,999.99 55.00%
    $100,000-$249,999.99 57.50%
    $250,000-$999,999.99 60.00%
    $1,000,000+ 65.00%

    We expect that this change will be beneficial to all of our partners, and hope that you will see the benefits of this new structure immediately. Please visit our hub pages for more information:

    Best wishes for ongoing success! The eBay Affiliate Team

    Looks phenomenal to me!

    Instead of having to reach $5,000 per month before the first jump in revenue share percentage, there are now 4 tiers before that dollar amount. Under the new terms I'm looking at a 31.25% increase in revenue... not too shabby!

    (don't forget, it's total revenue that determines the tier, not your earnings... I initially miscalculated)

    Doin' the snoopy dance...
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    Great !!!!
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