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    Other than commission from sales, I am making ZERO $ from the traffic on my sites. Are there ways to make a few cents per visitor without annoying my visitors and without altering the look of my sites too much?

    I see that many of you use pop-ups, pop-unders, banner exchanges, etc...

    What are the best programs to add revenue to a site from pure traffic?

    Which are the most reliable payers?

    If any of them are two-tiered, I'd rather join through one of you so you can also benefit. My net cost per visitor on my sites range from 3 to 13 cents depending upon how much I spend on ppc advertising. If I could offset that cost a few cents per visitor it would do wonders to my bottom line!

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    what kind of visitors do you have?

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    The sites I had in mind are store fronts. During November and December they convert like crazy. The rest of the year I think I am getting too many surfers (could be kids, could be competition, or just could be people who are not in the buying mood, just the browsing mood).

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    Why don't you run a poll first up and find out what age group your visitors are in and their preferences?

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