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    Angry Are stats working?

    I am a new member, I put up some banners on my sites (PR5, PR4) and I have absolutely no hits registered in my stats beside mine while I tested links...

    which is just about impossible, I tried another program and got 545 impression for 1 day on 1 site for 1 banner, with shareasale I am below zero

    this is scary and I am thinking hard to remove all banners.

    I'd like to know if others are having this problem



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    No, all of my SAS links are tracking fine n' dandy right now.

    I will say that all of my links are text links though. I've never had much luck, if any, with banner links (from any network).

    Also, since you said you can track your own clicks, I don't think it's anything technical, and more likely has to do with getting your visitors to click your banners. Are your banners targeted towards the types of visitors you're getting (i.e., clothing banners for vistiors looking for clothes, etc)

    I'd take the time to figure it out, if you can. SAS is touted as one of the best networks out there, and since I've joined, I've done nothing but make money with them.
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    Are you confusing impressions with clicks? SAS doesn't log impressions, just clicks and sales.

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    I don't think I am confusing, In my stats numbers are under "hits" (there is no "clicks" and i end up with a total of 9 hits from which 8 are mine.

    This morning I had 119 hits from a program I had never subscribed to and never used....

    Well I quit this program and I removed all banners from all others, no need to promote anything for this type of result.

    I don't doubt the program is good but I just say the number of hits is simply impossible because of the traffic I have and because I tested many others programs and I had many clicks with the same type of banners for the same products...So right now I believe there is a problem somewhere but I can't keep promoting those products which is sad, I really like the ease of Shareasale


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    I'm not having any problem with mine.

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    What a short sighted approach to affiliate marketing!


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    same kind
    I have the same type of problem with stats from linkshare. Shareasale has been quite right on the button, but my linkshare stats can be far beyond what they should be.

    I basicly go by visitors compared to my own personal page view tracking and sales in enter and exit pages.

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