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    Anyone else not making any money today? I haven't made a dime with CJ. Hopefully my BeFree merchants will come through for me.

    This is the worst day I have had with CJ in months. I am not blaming CJ really. I just don't understand it.

    Sorry for the rambling. I am just at a loss.


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    Core, I must be getting your sales. <IMG src=> I've had 3 today which is 2-3 more than ussual. Of course 1 comish was for 1.00 and another for 2.50 but hey I won't complain. The funny thing is is that they are from textbook source and total campus. I don't recall if I have had sales before with them or not.

    Overall though I'm having a great day and month. Hopefully it will stay like that for awhile.

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    Core - I've been having a great few days. However, I can sympathize with you. In the beginning of this month I thought I was gonna be in big trouble. My sales were down about 1/2 on CJ. But then Linkshare stepped up to my surprise and came through big time. Then my CJ account got back on the roll. Now my Linkshare account is running toe to toe with my CJ account - It's simply a blessing from above indeed. Somehow things always seem to work out and I hope they will for you to Core. Just keep the faith.

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    I was GREAT 1-13 and on the 14th came to a dead halt. This week has been one of my worst... oddly, today is looking up -- still below average, but much better than yesterday (and several yesterdays before that).

    But the dead wasn't just on CJ -- I had only two merchants doing anything this week -- everybody else was dead, no matter what network.

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    I think a lot of folks are watching the Olympics on TV instead of shopping online. I'll bet we see quite an upsurge once the Olympics are over.

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    This is my worst week ever :eek: [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_frown.gif[/img] Good job I don't rely on this business to eat!

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    Yesterday (20th) was slow... I, too, figure it's the Olympics. The people must have been really interested in yesterday's competitions! I did get one big sale at the end of the day but the big sales from that merchant (Schmusic123) usually get reversed. The regular (as in, non-reversal maniacs) merchants were quite slow--only about 1/3rd the normal transactions.

    Hopefully only boring events will be on now--at least during the times anybody can get to a TV instead of a computer!

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    It's been bad for me all day. First I didn't sleep well due to nightmares concerning work. News from my doctor has me concerned, which has me concerned that I'm concerned because my doctor never gives me good news. People from work have been asking me to fix things for them that don't exist. At least after we moved one database to another server things started working better for that database. My co-worker was awaken in the middle of the night by someone here at work for no reason and then when that person called him a few minutes ago with another stupid question, Mark threw his phone barely missing me. My girlfriend has been working out of town since the first of the year and I barely get to see her.

    Ohhhhh, you meant in an e-commerce sort of way.... Never Mind.....

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