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    June 10th, 2006
    tax w9 form?
    do you have to fill out the w9 form a.s.a.p

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    June 8th, 2006
    For CJ, you mean? Not ASAP, but if you are about to get enough minimum commissions to be paid out ($25, if I recall), you'd better send it over. I faxed mine, and they had it in the system pretty quickly. Why wait though? Just spend the few minutes it takes to do it, IMHO.

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    btw those of you who didn't know this. The IRS sometimes will expire your EIN Tax ID number and not notify you that they did. So call them up and ask if they have or haven't.

    Had a friend recently find out his expired. He had to fax a letter requesting they re-activate it.

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    Will you get message from them when they received your W-9 form? I sent mine and never get conformation.

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    Perhaps I mixed it up with something else. It was quite a while ago when I faxed it in. Actually I don't think you get direct confirmation, but if you look in the CJ Account Manager under the Account tab, if there is actual SSN or EIN info under the Payment Information section, I guess that is your signal that they have it. Unless during the signup process they put it in there. Sorry, I forgot. If anyone knows, please educate us.


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