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    Synergy Analytics Down? (6/12/06)
    Is Synergy Analytics down for everyone, or is it just me? I can't get in.

    I'm trying to check to see if transactions are posted in Synergy Analytics (they stopped posting Friday evening in the old reporting) and to see if our 6/8 check has posted yet.
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    It just hangs for me. I can't get through.

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    Actually, I did get through, but it took a good long time before the page loaded.

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    Synergy Analytics Down?

    That should get it's own sub forum.

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    And now payment is delayed...

    How can a system be so unstable that there's down time almost on a weekly basis? Mike, maybe you should just sticky this on top and have people post whenever it is down - otherwise we'll just have multiple Analytics down threads...

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    Seems Down Again
    Anybody getting in this morning. Also, the last new transactions that have appeared for me in the old reports appear on 6/11. I have transactions appearing in SA on the 12th. Linkshare Moderator could you please update us with a system status? It seems like a system wide problem, but I am going to begin contact individual merchants today absent any confirmation that their are system reporting problems.

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    Hi Everyone,
    I was able to log into SynergyAnalytics this morning, it does seem a little slow. There was a delay in transaction reporting over the weekend. There are still a few merchants that are delayed as of yesterday afternoon -- Delta, Computers3SURE and TechDepot. If there is a specific merchant that is missing transactions please PM me.


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    One does wonder what is going on at LinkShare
    One does wonder what is going on at LinkShare. Their reporting systems are slowing down and going down more than ever. Getting answers or a response here is taking longer. I keep asking if this is the way the future will be with LS or are they working to fix this but they never respond so my only guess is they have no clue as to what the problem is. And all this with the announcement that their chief technology officer left a couple of weeks ago and then read in another post that one of their technical administrators who used to update us here has left LS, it does make one wonder just what the heck is going on and how well LS is able to cope with it right now with their top technical people leaving.

    Worst case scenerio, of course, is their tech people know something we don't and are jumping ship. I sure hope that is not it, but in the absence of ANY information at all from LS we are only left to such extreme speculations.
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