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    I registered another domain name with my current site host thinking I was starting a whole new site... uh wrong. Apparently it was automatically set up as an alias of some kind. It just renames my site to the new domain name as if it was always that way and that is all I'm allowed.

    I thought maybe this would be interesting in terms of search engine listings, but it seems most search engines would see right through that or even penalize me for it.

    Like I said, maybe this is good, maybe not. Anyone have any ideas what I can do with this or should I just transfer it to another host?


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    Exodus...let me see if I'm following this. Did you register a new domain name and they 'pointed' it to your regular domain? That is what it sounds like they did...that shouldn't have been done unless you requested it. Many people have 1 or two sites, but can own many domain names that all point to that master domain. Some of our customers buy domain names and never point them to anything...There is nothing wrong with one domain name pointing to another, however, if it were a second site you were looking for, your host should have been able to do that. I hope this helps, but I'm not 100% sure I understand the question completely... [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]

    Tom Pyles

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    Your new domain is being redirected to your main domain name. It is not being hosted like the main one is.

    That's a very common thing we do by choice but not if you don't want that.

    It sounds to me like your host didn't do a good job of explaining the option.

    BTW and FYI the going rate for redirections is under 5 dollars per year so if you paid more I'd chew them out about it.

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    Thanks for the reply TH Media and Heyder.

    [Links below are examples and not true posted links]
    I guess what they did was mirrored my site. Like my main page is and now if I type in say it is the same page. Once there all of my pages go by their original names with the new domain name or with the old one depending on what domain name you entered with.


    The whole "mirrored" site is exactly the same, except with the and all the internal linking has the new domain as well.

    No they didn't explain it at all but they are only charging me a couple dollars more than the yearly domain registration, which they are doing for me. Maybe they assumed I would realize that no extra cost would mean no extra disk space or bandwidth.

    If people do this by choice then maybe it is not such a bad thing after all. I had a few ideas of something I could do with this arrangement as long as I'm not banned by Google or anything like that.

    Am I making the right conclusions here or am I repeating what you all just said in a more convoluted manner?

    [added disclaimer]

    [ 02-22-2002: Message edited by: Planetwide Exodus ]

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    I had this problem last week.
    I was moving one of my sites from (domain A) to my new interland server (domain B) as a vhost.
    I'm allowed 15 vhosts with my plan & have have to notify them to get them to set the DNS part (I can't with my package).
    Now, when I changed my nameserver with, my domain A showed up as domain B.
    It was not until I ran the "vaddhost" command at the telnet prompt that the vhost was actually created.
    So, you may have to do this if you have telnet access. Check with your server documentation (or ring them)

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