We have created the RSS product feed for MontRED pre-coded with your ShareASale links.

Apart from the standard fields like name, description, price, the RSS feed contains pretty detailed information, for example, shipping option, diamond & gemstone information, product weight etc.

You have the option to get the feed for an individual category or the entire product feed (which would be a rather big file).

For example,
This is the link for the silver bracelets category:
www. montred.com/rss-category-44-bracelets.xml?sasaffid=YOURSASID

This is the link for the entire product feed (a pretty big file):
www. montred.com/rss-category-all.xml?sasaffid=YOURSASID

Make sure that you replace YOURSASID with your ShareASale affiliate id.

Questions & comments are most welcome.

If you're not a MontRED affiliate, here is where you can JOIN.