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    SAS merchant cheating or a mistake? You be the judge. is a SAS merchant.
    Unfortunately their text links lead to a site that is the same address, but without the "u". That site is nothing but paid links.

    Who-is shows a Houston Tx. connection for each domain.

    Wanna take a look at this one Brian?

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    My bet would be an honest mistake. The incorrect version is through a different registrar, is on a different host, and has a different DNS server.

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    That does look like an honest mistake. has a private WHOIS.

    Whereas has a public WHOIS with their contact information.

    I think they are gonna be a little miffed they are sending traffic to the wrong place though.

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    Typo squaters abound. I see one trying to snipe my expertise
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    Quote Originally Posted by ecomcity
    Typo squaters abound. I see one trying to snipe my expertise
    It doesn't look like they ever got off the ground--All their "solutions" are "under construction" and in the left nav it says their last update was in 2003...

    I must say, using CON as a variant probably killed any potential sales for them LOL!

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