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    If I just provide my members page url after people pay at ClickBank would that be a safe way to do it. Or can people find my members page without paying. I was going to code it with a number in the url. Man, I hate this crap. I've been working on this site for too long now. I have to get it up and running - it's been two weeks. I could have had 2 regular sites out by now.

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    I prefer sites which email me a password & members url to go to.

    You will get people who don't read the final clickbank page, don't print it, and cannot get back to it to get to the url without buying again.
    This will create heaps of extra headaches for you when they contact you saying "how do I get in?"

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    IMO, that is not sufficient security, Jada.

    All it takes is for one person to link to that page on the day google spiders their site -- they wouldn't even have to intentionally link to that page, just consider some poor befuddled web newbie thinking they are doing you a favor by linking to the site, but they pick that url.

    The best way to password protect is dependent on your server -- find out what kind of box you are on. Just about any *nix/apache combo will allow you to do it via the .htaccess file (and that's fairly simple). But if it's an NT box running IIS, odds are your provider will have to set it up for you.

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