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    January 18th, 2005
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    OK, nothing to do with what you Americans do in November or anything religious (I don't do that), just thought I'd share today as it's one of those that needs noting.

    I'm a science teacher for part of the week, today I took a group of 6 kids one each boy/girl from years 7, 8 and 9 to a county-wide "science challenge" we don't don't know if we won, but our kids just shone. I kept getting remarks on how smart they looked and asked if we were "a private school" - we're not, just another state school. They applied themselves brilliantly, (I wasn't allowed any input at all) and when things got too tough, re-arranged their groups to succeed - which they did, no egos, no squabbles, just team work.

    Then this evening it was Trinidad and Tobago v. England in the world cup. I'll take an interest in this, but I've never liked football especially, however youngest son - Niall (14) does. The woman who owns the village pub lets the kids in to see the matches on the big plasma screen as long as they buy a coke and chips, so he goes down the pub with his mates to watch the footy - yes I was a bit shocked at first! I was out watering the sweet peas in the front garden when he came back with a few mates and the bloke from the house opposite (his wife's ill and his kids left home long ago) full of the match and re-living the shots and goals. We had a full run-down of what happened (with actions) before he took the dog for a walk and then went to play football with his mates.

    When he came back, he was telling us about the younger kids who were following him and trying to copy his goal victory celebrations and some wierd clicking noise he makes with his tongue (well cool if you're 14 or under). I can remember when he would come back and try to copy some older kid himself.

    Village life is good - today was good.

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    January 18th, 2005
    Sounds like it was a lovely way to spend the day, thanks for sharing

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    That is awesome Paul
    Its a great thing to realize how special these things are.

    One of my favorite ways to spend time is to watch my kids (without them knowing) when they are getting along playing in their play house . Their imagination and resourcefulness just tickles me. They are 3 and 4 so its especially adorable right now.

    Kudos to you and a Happy Fathers day

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    Awhh that was a nice story. How'd the kids do in the science challenge? It's nice to hear about kids getting along so well in school After recently listening to my neice and her best friend who are both teachers...they had been counting down the days til school was out. They would both would feel fortunate to have had kids that got along so well this year. They only have 2nd and 3rd graders but definitely weren't behaving as well as yours. lol I'd love to see your garden

    suzigeek - my neice does the same thing. She loves to just listen to them talking amongst each other.

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