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    I have had some bad experiences with these guys. I might be venting but I just want to hear some view points. To me it seems that CardOffers has a hidden agenda. They seem to like to promote their brand right on the templates the give. I know they are free and least some are I should say...but they are getting free advertising. Our visitors may just decide to go to and apply. Also...this so called content they offer does not contain mush value from an SEO standpoint other than to CardOffers. A lot of the content resides on URLs. We are providing link popularity to their site. This only helps them in the long run.

    I admit I took the bait. I was lazy and got suckered into the whole free content, less maintenence pretty package philosophy. Customer support and conversions have sucked and I started rethinking the whole thing. I know how to market. I have been doing this for 4 years. The final conclusion is that myself and several others are just suckers. We build up their volume to get "them" higher payouts, and over time they steal our visitors through long-term link popularity building and their branding campaigns on our sites. I feel real sorry for the folks who pay for their hosting as well. Just another way for them to take advantage of us. I have just decided to shut down the one site I run CardOffers links on and just focus on my other sites and other relationships.

    This whole thing makes me want to

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    Interesting. Never used them but good to know.

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