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    Thumbs down Host...Small rant
    Every once in a while, my host increases the amount of bandwidth and store they give out for their plans to be competitive with the other hosts. I usualy notice this becuase I visit the site often to check my stats and pass by the sales. Every time this happens I have to em,ail them and ask that I should get it to. They always do it, saying well since u have been a great customer etc. I shouldn't have to do this, they should know that if they are increasing the bandwidth for new customers (or adding new services etc) they have to do it for all the old customers too. I mean would they rather I find a new host and just move.

    It's a small thing, thus the small rant, but still. I just sent them the email, I'll have a bigger rant later if they just don't increase my bandwidth or make me go through hoops to get it.

    End of rant.


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    Sort of like cell phone plans. You don't get it until you sign up for a new contract .

    Take care,


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