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    Exclamation 1 advertiser commisons closed and another advertiser locked? What will be my payment?
    1. When an account is closed can i make sure that i have gone through the Network Quality test Successfully?

    2. Being today is 16th, i guess the expected date for the commisons to get closed which is under Locked state, lasts time.. To make my point very clear, say i have 50$ closed and 60$ locked, what will be my payment this month? $50 or $50+$60 = 110$.

    If my payment is $50(only the closed amount) this month, when will i get those Locked dollars($60)? Will it be rolled back to next month or it will be washed out?

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    Just move to SaS.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Geno Prussakov
    Just move to SaS.

    LOL Geno

    Loving Everyone's Child Creates Magic

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    You should get the locked and closed ammounts, that has been my experience

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    I dont know what you meant by SaS here.. Does it mean Special Air Service.... what is the use of saying it here? I dont understand.. Please write the exact answer for my queries. please.

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    It means CJ is unreliable, especially of late. If you're looking for fewer problems getting paid, and want some reliability, go join SAS (
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