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    January 17th, 2005
    Personalized search on Google
    It was just for a moment, I though I hit the jackpot, my website was ranking at N.1 for several keywords!

    Then I noticed "Turn OFF Personalized search" and voila', my links were gone!

    Foolish me, I was looking for my website page after page and click on it.

    So, if I click on a link, say at page 5, it will then placed at N.1 in Google.
    The good news is that your visitors will probably come back because you will always be at the top until they turn OFF the personalized search.
    The bad news, well, if nobody clicks on your link at page 5 you will never get noticed.
    This is probably not so good for many of us, although I like the fact that now Google refreshes much more often so it gives everybody a chance to be on the top results.


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    December 12th, 2005
    But personalized settings give a more specific search results list, this means that for for advanced searchers, how prefer to target their searches - you are already visible. This is very good.

    And from page 5 to page 1 in general results is not an impossible road to pass.
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