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    Question RSS to Webpages
    i would like to know what tool you are using to
    display RSS feeds to your website, html pages ?

    any things to consider when choosing and comparing different solutions ?


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    Joomla + FeedGator... Rss to Static, unique URL pages...
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    As an active Affiliate in AvantLink, you have access to a sample script we provide for free that will allow you to publish RSS to your web pages as spiderable, dynamic content. Once you configure a Web Service Datafeed Client, a Dynamic Coupon Feed or a Dynamic Product Showcase you'll find access to a this script. It can be used for any RSS feed-to-web page publication.

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    zFeeder works fine for getting rss on to your html pages and it's free.

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    Wanted to chime in with a free tool as well (if you need more options):

    It's called "Feed2JS" (RSS Feed to Javascript). I've used it a couple of times, and it's worked without a hitch up to that point.
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    I use CaRP - - works great. Requires php, but there's ways (documented) to get the feeds onto html, shtml, asp, etc.

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