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    CJ needs to go out and find a decent finance services-investment merchant. My traffic needs a good home to go to. :^)

    Any other categories that desperately need a merchant that GETS IT?

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    I'd like to see them make merchants out of some of those catalogs that Catalog City seems to have an exclusive relationship with. Before I ever add a link to Catalog City, I always check the home site to see if they have an affiliate program. A lot of times they don't. And if I want to link to the product, I have to use Catalog City, which extends every single transaction! So not only am I making just a part of the commission, I have to wait an extra month to get paid.

    Fortunately, recently a couple of the catalogs I was interested in have started programs at Performics, but I sure would like to see more do the same ... at CJ or Performics, either will do!

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