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    I have been doing hours of research on link popularity and ways to multiply my presence on the web. Using the search for 800lb gorilla's and other large traffic sites, I discovered an old trend that has recently been used and abused;


    Here is an example. I'm not picking on this site, just wanted to use it as an example to start a discussion. This is a link to a link.all search at AllTheWeb for;

    link.all:www.sunfinder .com

    Take a look at search results #2,4,6 on the first page. Then 11,12,16,45,83, etc... They go on and on. They all have no title and they each say "Click Here To Continue, Or Wait 5 Seconds". Each one is a seperate domain.

    Now my questions...

    How much does it cost to host a redirect page?

    Do you think this is effective advertising or just another form of SPAM?

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    We keep calling every method for the little person to get ahead spam.

    Everytime we use the word spam Yahoo clicks their money belt.

    Never mind the fact that 90% of the spammails I ever receive come from yahoo accounts.

    It doesn't have to cost anything to do a redirect but it sounds to me you are talking about doorway pages not redirects.

    ---------------edit below-------

    For some reason this post sounds like I'm snapping at you. I'm not snapping at you at all just so you know. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]


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    "Do you think this is effective advertising or just another form of SPAM?~Seaslug"
    (I added the bold)

    This is not mutually exclusive. Just because SEs don't like something (ie, they call it spam) does not mean that it's not an effective method of advertising!

    The value of ADVERTISING depends on the return on investment, and the risk taken to get that return (the risk of banning, in this case). If it is providing profits, within the range of risk the one doing it finds acceptable, it's effective.

    I personally think "thousands of" redirects would be an inefficient way to force linkpop...

    After writing a long post with a different focus, the light dawned. The redirects wouldn't be to force linkpop (99% sure)!!!

    Rather, it's probably this: The owner of the main site is buying up old domains which are getting traffic already. He then redirects that traffic at the site of his choice...the old domains had already been indexed (with their old content) so the spider came by those domains as usual, only it picked up the "wait 5 seconds" and indexed that.

    I clicked a couple of those "wait" sites from the list you linked to--they had already gone to 404sville. That's understandable--once the spider picked up the change on the page, it de-ranked it from its original keyword--dropping the traffic to 0 (unless there's a bunch of people searching for "wait 5 seconds...", LOL). The traffic comes from the "float" between the time the redirect goes up, and the time the change is noted in the indices.

    It seems to be working kind of like Heyder's proposed Guaranteed Hits Site (See this thread) only instead of popping the destination site in a new window like Heyder intended, the person in this case is redirecting to the destination site.

    The "extra link" is merely incidental in the scenario I'm thinking of... the real objective doesn't seem to be to "fool" SEs, per se--The fact that the pages now go to 404 tell me that the owner no longer thinks of them as being of any use at all, and probably didn't even consider that linkpop effect.

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    Thanks Leader.

    That really ads some insight. Also Heyder is correct, they are more like doorway pages. So let me ask you this; If I buy an expired domain that is still receiving some traffic, does it cost a full hosting charge to turn that page into a simple one page doorway?

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    If your hosting account allows unlimited domains, it will only cost you for the domain names, and/or any extra bandwith that you may have to pay for .

    I have this option with my hosting, and can set up as many domains as I want , and redirect them to any page . I haven't yet taken advantage of it , but I am going to start now.


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    Thank you Lisa. I didn't know that. I will look into it.

    Hey, I just realized that we are neighbors. Where on the Island are you from? I'm in Kings Park on the Nissequogue River right near the Sound. My daytime job is in Melville.

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    Depends on your host. I have a limit of 5 domains on any hosting package, and a one time $25 setup fee when I add a domain. I still prefer it, cuz I'm addicted to my host.

    Sometimes it's worth it, though watch out for old email addys at the domain. I had to kill a catchall on a domain since too many of the old addys had sicko stuff coming in. Not that it's a big deal.

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