Adds to Hall of Shame

A gaming app, a screen saver, a spyware scanner, and a utility all get the dubious honor of being named to the Badware Watch List.

Ellen Messmer, Network World
Wednesday, May 24, 2006 the organization dedicated to highlighting software that consumers might prefer to avoid, Wednesday added another round of software programs to its "Badware Watch List.",aid,125861,00.asp

The latest inductees into this hall of software shame include four programs: FunCade, a gaming application that comes bundled with BullsEye and NaviSearch; Team Taylor Made's Jessica Simpson Screensaver; a spyware scanner called UnSpyPC; and WinFixer 2005 and 2006. Each was cited by for specific reasons that relate to deceptive installation, causing harm to other computers, modifying other software or transmitting user data, interfering with computer use, or being difficult to uninstall completely.

These four software programs are the second round of selections for the Badware Watch List, following the first batch of "badware" announced in March, which included Kazaa, MediaPipe, SpyAxe, and Waterfalls 3.

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