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    Separate Networks for US and UK Markets??
    I have a question I would like to ask experienced merchants and affiliates.

    As a merchant in the pre-launch stage of a new program, should we treat the US and UK markets separately from an affiliate marketing perspective?

    Apart from the big boys like CJ, there seems to be separate networks that handle US and UK affiliates. We plan to sign up with Shareasale but I have a concern that this will not give us enough exposure to the UK market for our product.

    To keep administration simple and remove any conflict, I would rather stay exclusive to one network but at the same time don't want to limit my exposure.

    Does anyone have any comments on this?

    Colin Southwell

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    I think you have since signed up for SAS. So did you answer the question yourself or still wondering what to do?

    In my experience the UK networks are not thinking as globally as the US ones. US networks are eager to get the marketing benefits, even if they don't necessarily handle Europe or even the UK.

    It's been tough getting the UK networks to get reviewed for my site. They just don't seem to get it.

    One of the most global affiliate networks I have seen is Zanox, which is also now in the US.

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