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    Faking a relational database
    Hi (Richard, i think this is for you),
    i want to fake a relational database. ( the site is not large enough to make doing a real one worthwhile at this point ).
    so i have one table of properties: beach, mountain, lake
    then for each property i have a models table: beach has 3 models: red, blue, green.

    so what i thought to do was make an index and a page for each property from the first table (done no problem) then within the properties table have a field which contains the text for a webmerge field reference to embed in each property detail page. then on the second pass. use each detail page as a template for another round with the secondary model tables. specifying in each case a new source file.

    but it doesnt work. if i feed in the first table a field say "[WM-Field: models raw nolink]" to be placed in the detail pages... wm tries to process it and gives me an error and nothing shows up in the detail page.

    i hope that all made sense. i cant figure out how to stream that field in without it being processed...

    Liz Willner

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    Offhand it sounds like the tutorials linked at the top of this page will give you the info you need to create the sort of hierarchical site you describe.
    Richard Gaskin
    Developer of WebMerge: Publish any data feed on any site

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    ummm... no
    richard, no i have done those tutorials. i created a 7 tier site (very cool). but what i wanted to do is be able to have webmerge fill in a webmerge field into a file, save it and then use it in a second pass as a new template.

    webmerge fills in the field in the first pass though.

    is this not clear enough? it is hard to explain.

    i got around it by cutting and pasting from one database into another but i thought there might be a better way.
    thanks, Liz

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