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    SMS Websites for Sale

    The following sites are SMS Subscription sites, for delivering NBA, NFL, NHL and Premiership Football news by SMS to bulk subscribers.

    Each site is for $650 USD

    Subscribers pay a recurring monthly fee, which you choose.

    How the sites work?

    After completing registration, the prospective member will be sent a verification sms, which will have an activation code, they will need this activation code to verify their registration, this firstly confirms that they are the owner of the number and also verifies worldwide coverage to that number and network.

    Once verified the member will be led to a payment page which is currently set up to receive paypal monthly subscriptions or one off paypal payments for the year or payments, this is an easy payment page that can be easily modified so you can add unlimited payment processors here.

    Once the member has paid they will be activated by your self (admin) to start receiving news, scores, results, gossip etc.

    From the admin point of view, you do not have to lift a finger except accept payments and send sms. Which is worth it even if you have only 10 subscribers (=100 per month).

    Each outgoing SMS is sent in bulk to all members ie. you only type one SMS and it goes to all member. Each SMS will cost you between $0.04 - $0.07 per SMS depending on the destination network, for instance to vodafone uk will cost 2.4p = $0.04.


    However as admin you do not need capital for the SMS because your members are paying for it, so you decide how much sms per month to send to your members to determine how much your profit will be, i.e. if you take in 9.99 per month per member = $18.00, you could spend 5 per member on SMS, so basically you will be sending approx 6 sms per day which is quite good (this is just a guide, you can change the subscription prices or how often you send content.)

    You purchase your SMS from a SMS gateway which the site is already setup and configured to use and incidentally also accepts paypal.

    To send sms , you simply log into the admin control panel, type in a 160 character message and press send and it will be sent to ALL active members.

    There is a facility to delay your sms for up to 7 days in units of minutes, i.e. 1440 minutes for 24hr delay, so that you only have to log in every morning or every 2 days to send the latest news in multiple SMS messages, and its not as if your members receive a barrage of messages all in 5 minutes they can be spread throughout the day (or week).

    So you could type 20 SMS headlines in one go, but choose what time they will be delivered.

    I have also sourced several sources of publicly available information, so sourcing the info to send is already done.

    There is also a multimedia sms facility, for you to upload .3gp videos or pictures or multimedia to the server and send these by sms to your members should you choose to.

    There is a very comprehensive set of instructions designed for the layman to manage this site, the site comes with free hosting for the year.

    So the only work required from yourself is sending the sms, which is sent in bulk in unison to all members, but if you have 100 subscribers it's worth it!

    Look forward to hearing from you, please pm if necessary.

    Kind regards


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    Point of Information:

    Would get you a C&D for TM infringement from the NBA, NFL and NHL respectively.
    Continued Success,

    The secret of success is constancy of purpose ~ Disraeli

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