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    I used to be an active affiliate of NCS, but I moved from there to Cardoffers because of Cardoffers' datafeed. Turns out though, my conversions with Cardoffers were HORRENDOUS, so I won't go back there.

    I do not believe NCS has a datafeed, so my question to their affiliates is how the heck do you manage to keep your sites updated? And how do you go about making a credit card site in the first place? Just manually going through their interface and pulling the links, images, and card info?

    I'd love to hear from some affiliates.


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    Ken, I have found NCS to be the best for conversions. I know they don't have a datafeed but if you know how to build a database of your own its not hard to manage.

    I don't have a database but manage a few sites of my own individually. It not that hard as long as you stay on top of it. When I get a newsletter from them (ncs),I go ahead and make the changes. It used to be easy when the prime rate didn't change every three days. You wouldn't have to make changes for a few months.

    Good luck on your sites.

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