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    Is Linkshare Outsourcing Payments by Check?
    We have been told repeatedly that Linkshare issues checks on approximately the 8th and 22nd of each month. When I received my first June check on Monday, 6/19, I noted that the envelope was metered in Sacramento, CA on 6/14/06. It was postmarked by the Post Office on 6/15/06.

    The check says "Value Date/Effective Date 06/13/2006."

    Linkshare Moderator, could you please detail the changes for us including why the check issued date in SynergyAnalytics no longer matches the date of the check and why the check was mailed a full week after the targeted 8th day of the month?

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    They start the process around the 8th and 22nd of each month, but it's a 3-5 business day process between the cutoff and the time the direct deposit is made or the check is mailed.

    The latest check was a little later than usual.

    They've been outsourcing it since they switched to consolidated payments. It's actually has a quicker turnaround than it used to. It used to take close to 2 weeks (and sometimes longer) to get checks out, and the bank turns them around in 1-2 business days (which is part of the 3-5 day process time).

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    Michael is correct; we start our payment process around the 8th and 22nd of each month. The reason your check is coming from Sacramento is that is where our bank processes the checks. The payment batch was sent to the bank on June 12 (SynergyAnalytics date), the check was cut on June 13, and it looks like the bank sent the check on the 14th.

    If you would like to get your commission check sooner, you may want to consider signing up for direct deposit. To learn more about direct deposit visit the Affiliate Resource Center and select Consolidated Payments.


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