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    Amazon Tracking Ids
    I haven't brought this up with Amazon, but it's been my personal experience, that I only receive credit for purchases with my main tracking id. Using the additional tracking ids i received when I requested them for other domains did give me some credit, but maybe only a sale or two. I even had a friend purchase something off my site and didn't see the credit. When I finally said to myself, why is this site not doing as good as my main one, I changed all my tracking ids to the main one, and presto. In just a week of doing it, my sales (trackable sales) jump significantly. That's just an fyi if anyone feels like they aren't getting the sales they know they should be getting, and use an additional tracking id.

    I'll probably post a screenshot of my stats later for proof. Has anyone else experienced this?


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    I use the additional tracking ids and have no problems.

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