I'd like to see merchants add support for test-purchases. Also we
recently experienced weird gaps in sales, in which we would have loved to
test buy ordering something cheap. Yet the problematic merchant only ships
in the USA, and we are not USA based...

Possible ways: have ONE item and landing page with a $1 pseudo item. A clear
description on that page will warn normal visitors not to 'buy'. And accept all countries
for the $1 'purchase'. Report via CJ as usual, so they also get their few cent, the affil.
gets back the usual % as well, the little cost will still prevent excessive use of the
facility, and people will have a way to test if CJ is tracking, and can feel much better.

Or be extra nice and keep it fully free, pay out $1 on those items or whatever.

Can restrict the number of uses per affiliate if needed too.

It could be a real good TRUST building quality factor if your programs offer something
like this. EPC, good data feeds, long cookies, all important. But giving us a way to
check, while having the tools to do it already, and even making some money on it,
can really be the next important feature.