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    January 17th, 2005
    Talking Price Runner
    Perplexed about how to implement LMI, I decided to visit PriceRunner.

    As PriceRunner is an affiliate property owned by Valuclick, I figured that they would be the first ones to switch to the innovative new JavaScript Links.

    Guess What?

    They Don't!

    Even though PriceRunner will be the primary beneficiary of the data collected by the LMI initiative, the b-tards at ValueClick don't want to suffer the massive drop in revenue that will result from switching to JavaScript links!

    Anyway, my implementation of LMI will have to wait until I can see a good clean implementation of the technology at PriceRunner.

    I have a feeling that I am in for a long, long wait.

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    Smart observation. What's good for the goose should be good for the gander if CJ practices what they preach.
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    I'm sure Pricerunner is based on an entirely different foundation. I don't think they use CJ links. Usually engines like this have their own proprietary PPC engine similar to AdWords.

    - Scott
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    They use a mixture of CJ/LinkShare and their own PPC links

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    Very nice find, bright idea!

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    Great find yintercept!

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    You know whoever is in charge of the coupon section for Price Runner really sucks.

    I just started going thru it and I see some coupons I know don't work, I see merchants where there are coupons available in the creative for affiliate use and they don't have them up. And then I came upon something I didn't think I would see. A coupon for Sony Music Store. It is an exclusive coupon from another coupon site, one they're not supposed to be using. Now how does that work.

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