Try dropping your generated url into firefox or just google it in IE.


Duh! Wheres the security here and if I can see all the code why cant googlebot see it and everyone else as well. And if googlebot sees it then I will get downgraded or banned in the search engine--because lets face it google is selling adv and they would just as soon see affiliates go away.

And oh yeh, whats to stop ID and link theft?

HTML Code:
[QUOTE]document.write("<form name=\"CJ10400497X217\" method=\"POST\" style=\"margin:0px;display:inline\" action=\"http://www.************/click\">\r\n<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"AID\" value=\"10400497\"/>\r\n<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"PID\" value=\"xxxxxx\"/>\r\n<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"url\" value=\"\"/>\r\n<input type=\"image\" src=\"http://www.************/image-xxxxx-10400497\" width=\"120\" height=\"60\" alt=\"null\" border=\"0\"/>\r\n</form>");"