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    Email from BeFree Bouncing
    When I log into my BeFree account, there are three links that say:
    An e-mail message sent to the address associated with your account was returned as undeliverable. Click here to update your e-mail address. 6/24/06
    The email address in my BeFree account is correct and hasn't changed in several years. Apparently there was some type of glitch on 6/24/06. I've emailed BeFree through their Help section indicating that my email address is correct and to forward the bounced emails to me (I gave them 2 addresses). The screen that comes back says it can take up to 5 business days to receive a reply. 5 days!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snowman
    The screen that comes back says it can take up to 5 business days to receive a reply. 5 days!!!

    It is the "computer age" know.
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    The five days are email settings and bounce schedules added up, yeah it's 5 days, I get them also.
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    This has been going on for several years now.

    At this point, though, we can't know if BF will even still be there the next time you go to log in.
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    Take this for whatever its worth to you.... this is my opinion and my opinion alone....

    If you have any buss still on BF, get other merchants to replace it on another network sooner than later......

    It's only a matter of time before BF bites the dust, it's already weakly suported and the writting has been on the wall.....

    The sooner you move your links out, the better you will be later down the road....... it's a walking dead horse, its only kept open because it's still trickling in revenue from users, but trust me, its going, gone, gone....
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    I received the following timely, yet useless, response this morning:
    Dear X,

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    We have located an active affiliate account for you in our system under the e-mail address: An undeliverable message may occur if the recipient's mailbox is full, the receiving mail server is unavailable or you have addressed the email to a non-existing email address.

    Unfortunately, the original undeliverable email can not be resent. The system is not designed to allow for manual re-delivery of email flagged as undeliverable. Maintaining a current account email address will ensure proper delivery of all email going forward.

    There is a possibility that you have a mail filter or spam filer enabled on your system that is causing the BFast email to not go through.
    A mail filter is a piece of software which takes an input of an email message. For its output, it might pass the message through unchanged for delivery to the user's mailbox, it might redirect the message for delivery elsewhere, or it might even throw the message away. Some mail filters are able to edit messages during processing.
    Mail filters can be installed by the user, either as an extension of the operating system, or as part of their mail user agent. Internet service providers can also install mail filters in their mail transfer agents as a service to all of their customers. We would suggest checking if these filters are enabled on your system.

    Please take a few moments to review your account information Partner Gateway and update as needed. We apologize for any inconvenience.


    BFAST Partner Gateway Support Team

    Commission Junction, a ValueClick company
    Andy, there are still some large merchants on BeFree whose revenue cannot be replaced through other platforms. I have also been in relatively regular contact with a CJ program manager over the past 9 months or so regarding a BF merchant and CJ is definitely supporting this relationship even though it's still on BF.

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    I show two of the same messages after log on at BeFree. One is dated 07/27/2005 and had been there for almost a year, the other one came just last Friday.

    I have no clue why I have been getting those. I checked my email address and it is the same one CJ is sending me information at.
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    I'm getting this message evertime I log in to CJ.
    "Your email is being returned as invalid: Please correct so we can communicate important messages relevant to your account"

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    I now have the same Undeliverable message in my BeFree account once again. Apparently BeFree is on some spam lists. For the past year, I've used a Hotmail address in my BeFree account after having this problem with my domain email address for years.

    So now I just changed it yet again. This is just ridiculous that we have no way of getting mail from a network.

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