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    Lingering Legacy?
    I'd really love to be able to jump the CJ ship, but I have some merchants who are only on CJ. In terms of my history as an affiliate, I have earned the most money with CJ merchants.

    I am trying to follow some merchants to other networks, but there is a core number only with CJ. The "core merchants" sell items important to my niche sites.

    Is there any hope that if affiliates work with Legacy Links now that the whole LMI JS deafault might blow over in favor of both types of links being offered forevermore?

    Is anyone going to continue using Legacy Links for lingering merchants?

    1) Yes -- Legacy all the way

    2) A small number of Legacy links will be used in a restricted manner

    3) No way -- Man overboard -- make CJ walk the plank

    4) I don't know what I'll do.
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    Think somebody started a poll:

    And there are a few other threads on what people will do.

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