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    Has any one tried Javascript Links?
    So, is there any one who have added CJ's Javascript links on their website? (not for testing, but for tracking)
    I am not willing to try out the crap, So I was just wondering if anyone who have tested these links could share his/her experience. How were the sales effected?

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    I made one page with some of the new links to see how long it would take for it to load.

    The end result: I made one page.
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    One banner link and the banner isn't showing on the page, it's just a blank area now. One single text link on that same one page, guess it's time to check that out and see if it tracks.

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    I tried them over the weekend to at least give CJ a chance with it and they are totally useless for my websites unless I want to add one link per page, much worse than I expected:
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