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    XML Datafeed Questions
    What are the best solutions for dealing with a live xml datafeed or a xml file from a merchant. I prefer to use joomla but also create with a html editor? Would staying with CSV files have advantages?

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    XML Datafeed Questions
    Reaper How are you using Jomla to manage datafeeds? I'm very interested in this. I love joomla and have been researchign how to incorporate datafeeds into it.

    Your help is greatly appreciated,

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    joomla and data feeds
    This question is a bit strange to be honest. You say you prefer joomla for what, certainly not managing data feeds.

    Joomla and data feeds have no relation at all, unless of course you want to display the results of the data feeds somehow along with the content that you enter into your cms.

    Joomla is not going to do anything for you that is for sure, the most practicle way i can think of you using feeds inside joomla content is to develop a database and scripts outside of joomla to then copy and paste some code into your pages that pulls up the results that you want, but i certainly would not go hacking joomla around to start showing data feed content, by seperating it then at least you keep the code clean and then its just copy and paste code into areas you want the feeds to show.

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    Its not a strange question at all. With a bit of research you will fine many joomla sites incorporating datafeed in the site. And this is without any Hacking.. Joomla is a great tool for using with affiliate datafeeds and its indexed very well. for more information you can go to

    Good luck in your research.


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    I've been using Joomla for a few days on a new site and it looks ok. I would also be interested in any ideas or links to integrate xml, datafeeds etc...
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