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    I pay for Yahoo hosting now and let me tell you they SUCK!!!

    I never wanted them in the first place. They gobbled up my original host.

    If they don't give any better service than they do now, I don't think they need to worry about charging people for long.

    I am moving all my stuff off Yahoo by November.

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    Transfer your domain to ipower great costs on $8 per month.

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    iPower has not telnet access. However I'm glad to hear someone is happy with them, since I wanted to add them to my web host review page. is not great, but it's a one time fee type deal, and includes the domain name with renewal at $12/year. I set up a couple of folks who were wary of having to deal with monthly fees at the beginning. I don't think I would be happy there, but for a beginner it isn't too bad, I think.

    Both of them have cj affiliate programs, BTW.

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    Well, well, well

    <IMG src=><IMG src=><IMG src=>

    A piece at a time, huh. I've had a site with Geocities for six years. Just a nice little homepage that was never meant to sell anything, though those... people, for lack of a better word... at Geocities wouldn't have allowed it anyway. Slowly they added one annoying advertisement at a time, leeching profits from my traffic. Now today I noticed they've added a popup ad, how nice.

    Now one more piece. In another thread several people including me mentioned how paid or free hosting with Yahoo was frequently tampered with at the code level for whatever sadistic reason Yahoo had in mind.

    Ok, I can understand a certain amount of greed but loyalty is profitable, contrary to popular belief.

    H*ll with them.

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