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    I am a newbie affiliate and I applied for to a couple of merchants, some are instant approval, some are not. I get emails on all welcoming me, some with message that they will review my apps. When I log on to SAS and click on Merchant Status, I get list of merchants that I am approved of and that are pending! Under the "Approved?" heading there is a "yes and pending" status. When I get an approved merchant, the status changes to a yes.

    My problem is when I applied for the merchants, the ones that are instant approved I quickly add them to my website, the ones that are pending, they probably email me that I am approved. Fine, except that with more than a hundred emails from other merchant from instant approved, pending, merchant news and updates on sales, its too mind boggling??? Yes, I did created folders for my email for each merchants, but this can be solved at the Merchant Status window!!

    At the Merchant Status window!
    It would be easier for affiliates to look at the "Approved?" heading and below it, instead of a pending merchant changed to a "yes" (which makes me think that I already added this to my website because the instant approved merchants get this status automatically) why not change it to "approved" instead, then give the affiliate the option to change the status to "yes" after we've implemented the link of the merchant into our website.

    The reason I would like this to be implemented is because I found it too tedious to work on all those incoming merchant e-mails, a little over a hundred merchants for my 5 websites that I am working on and thats 5 website out of my over 50 websites that I have to work on.
    I believe that with this suggestion implemented, it would relieve this stressful and tedious burden.

    Hope this is not another dumb idea that will be canned.
    Well at least I dropped my 10 cent in the can.

    How about it "Brian".

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    then give the affiliate the option to change the status to "yes" after we've implemented the link of the merchant into our website
    But surely, this is something that is not within the purview of SAS?
    If you need the status of something changed after you yourself have made an action (adding the merchant's items to your website in this case), wouldn't it be best to maintain the list yourself? A simple excel spreadsheet would probably suffice.

    Also, allowing this change would nullify the true meaning of the "approved" column.
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