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    Yes indeedy. I bought a whole bunch of paper towels and toilet paper. So much that I'm probably now on the FBI TP list. Watching out for those going out and randomly tping houses. I just wanted to fill up some shelves and Amazon grocery sells more towards the bulk purchase end. Also got a nice mixer that I probably will rarely use and I got season 1 Sopranos. This was the first year I got to watch it and loved it so now I'm going to go back and buy all the seasons. And I got the future grammy winning CD Stadium Arcadia.

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    While Amazon has one of the sh*ttiest payouts around, they DO convert and their sales track. They would be my #1 choice merchant for everything I can offer through them if they paid more. At least they do what they're supposed to do: convert, track and credit sales appropriately. How freaking hard is it to just "do the right thing"?!

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