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    How to track PPC through to CJ
    I am trying to learn how to use CJs SID tracking with PPC.

    I buy a word like "shoes" and then they go to a landing page and then to the merchant's site.

    How can I make an SID tie back to "shoes" on google and then follow the user through to CJ?

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    No way to do that using Golden Can, not that I know of.
    On your own landing page and your own links you would use something like:


    appended to the end of the tracking URL.

    If there is not a "?" in the URL, use:


    I hope that helps.

    If you are PPCing shoes, be careful. Plan for at least a 30% return rate. Some post return rates as high as 60%.

    Best of luck

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    Now, when you create a new store integration in GoldenCAN, it prompts you for the subid, whether it's LS, CJ, SAS, etc.

    So you can pass along a subid of your choosing, but it'd be tied back to the landing page, not the specific keyword.

    If your pages are dynamic, there are advanced schemes you could devise to embed a dynamic subid into your page's GC code so that the specific keyword (and the matching dynamic landing page) have a matching dynamic subid appended. But this is an advanced use of GC, not something they likely support in their help files, etc.

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