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    Why are expired coupons still in the database?
    Maybe I am just being clueless here (it's happened before), but why do I get tons of expired coupons when I click on "Quick Database of all available coupons"?

    Yes, I know I can filter them out based on the expiration field, but so can SaS, which seems like the more reasonable place for the filter... I mean, a once a day cron job could set an "expired" flag on all those records and then it is just one extra WHERE clause in their SQL.

    Am I missing something??


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    I know what you mean, it can cause a few headaches and best to keep things as tidy as possible from the network before affiliates get it, I have mentioned it before. Otherwise its a great datafeed and hope more merchants use it, I have often recommended my merchants that don't use it to try it as it saves a lot of time for affiliates having everything together.

    My first criteria for joining sas merchants is whether they have active promotions in the feed.
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    jrrl / glinted,

    On recommendation from a few "Coupon" affiliates at the time when we were creating the database, we included "Expired" coupons so that you could get an idea and research past promotions, etc...

    For example, you might note that a particular merchant always runs a promotion during Spring for example, and thus might come back to them again next Spring to get into the promotion again.

    Basically, we wanted to give you as much information as possible and let you work with the details as to how you used it....

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