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    I didn't see a forum for, are they part of another parasite?

    Take a look at SiteAdvisor's report:

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    More about eXact...

    Other names:
    eXact Advertising LLC / BullsEye / Bullseye Network / BargainBuddy / CashBack / CashBackBuddy / NaviSearch / eXact Downloader / Acup (internal name) / Bargains (process name) / eXact.CashBack, Ikena (the server it connects to) / adp.exe (after the installer included with some versions) / ExactSearch[Panda] / Bullseye Network / RawhideSearch /

    Look for these as well...
    Sept04 - Exact bought RawhideSearch (aka

    ~~~~~eXact power abuser~~~~~
    In addition to their own self-deployed games, eXact is like Metrics Direct - the sign up "advertisers" who use theiur system to pop... one example:

    If you review Ben's work for eXact (search his documentation linked above for "cactus") you'll find David Weinberg, owner of SearchCactus is a frequent power abuser using eXact to pop all over the place. He also uses Direct Revenue as well. Where you see eXact, sniff around for Weinberg / SearchCactus - he'll be there.

    By the way, Weinberg also owns (an autosurf rip-off ad fraud deal) and many clone / variants of it as well.

    I have files on him and many more aliases he uses and scams he's involved with as well. PM me if you need more Chuck.

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    Donuts, you da man!! I checked the other aliases and didn't see them.

    When you take the boys on your airboat ride make sure they pet the snakes. My dad grew up in Alabama and tells great stories about the water moccasins. We only have puny little rattlers here, not much to eat.

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