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    June 10th, 2006
    Google drops to #3 in Alexa ranking
    Just notice that Google drops to #3 in Alexa ranking. How long has this been?

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    December 12th, 2005
    I made a poll on WPW. Over 4,000+ members viewed it, 120+ replied and 80+ voted.

    And the poll showed that one third of the voted are ready to quit using Google and skip to other search engines, if Google does not solve the problem with the quality of searches (Big Daddy messed a lot, and Google is trying to fit all innovations into one reasonable picture).

    And another third of the voted will use Google only together with Yahoo and MSN - to back their searches.

    I don't know if Google already started to lose their devoted users. But now is a very good time for new, quality search engine with new level search algo to take the market.
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    Excellent news, IMcredo. I've already switched to using Yahoo or MSN for search. Further, I've removed Google toolbar from my browser, removed most of the Adsense (garbage) ads from my sites and refuse to sign up for any of Google's aftermarket products (e.g. sitemaps).

    Google needs to understand that they're not only accountable to their stockholders, they're accountable to the marketplace and their business partners.

    And besides...schadenfreude.

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    January 18th, 2005
    I've found to have some wonderful and very up to date results. In many cases they have newer, more innovative sites than Google for popular keywords. When looking for new technology Google is starting to fall behind due to their preference over older, established sites. They need to adopt some sort of social search technology if they're going to keep up.

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    When the last stats came out Google went up again. When Google first came on the scene they went to #1 because of relevant results. Now they're at the point that they don't even need the best results and still will be #1 because people have become comfortable with Google and are still happy with the results. You can go look at Alexa, webmaster and affiliate forums but look at the SE usage stats, still strong, still growing. I don't think is a threat at all. If I went outside right now and walked around asking my neighbors about it, they wouldn't have a clue what I'm talking about. They're in a very solid #1 position as far as search. Have been for years now.

    Nielsen NetRatings:

    One from half a year ago, look pretty much the same, think Google even gained some.

    Another one from March 2006, comScore ratings:

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