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    Is CJ support services a bit overwhelmed?
    Is CJ support service a bit overwhelmed? I've got one support ticket I sent them on June 21 they never responded to. Last automated message from them was June 23 saying I should hear back in 24 hours:

    06/23/2006 08:22 AM

    This message is to let you know that Commission Junction has not forgotten your question and is still working to provide you with an answer. Although it is not always possible, we hope to respond within the next 24 hours! Thanks for your patience. You may also call Client Support at 1-800-761-1072 and reference this incident number. Please have your account number ready when you call.

    Commission Junction Client Support
    I'm guessing with the uproar from affiliates and merchants about LMI, they probably can't handle the load of questions and complaints coming in.

    Also, I had one support ticket they were responding to and after my response to them where I said I needed an easier way to swap out all my legacy links for JS links, they said "Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate your time in doing so.", and closed the support ticket as SOLVED.


    I guess I could reopen the one ticket and remind them of the other, by why bother, they don't seem to care or are just to overworked to handle it.
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    I have had a ticket in with them since around the 21st too and received two of the 'updates' you quoted above.

    I hope they get totally BURIED in LMI crap. LOL
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