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    November 10th, 2005
    Why can I not read the "Out Sourced Program Managers" forums
    First off sorry if I posted this in the wrong place, but I can not reach the forums where I would like to post.

    Why can I not read the "Out Sourced Program Managers" forums such as Andy Rodriguez Consulting, AMWSO, AffSolutions and others. I click on there forums, the page loads but there is no forum to read. (I use FireFox)

    For example:
    Active Users in Andy Rodriguez Consulting: 11 (1 members & 10 guests) but I can not see any threads!

    If guests are allowed then how come I can not view the threads?

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    ABW Founder Haiko de Poel, Jr.'s Avatar
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    Thers isn't a OPM forum per se, it's just a category, if your surfing to it from page. Easiest way to access the respective OPM's forum is from the real frontpage - click on their logo. I am in the process of changing the navigation so it can be accessed from the internal page also.
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    When you go to forum category page, such as this for Andy Rodriguez Consulting:
    there is a dropdown menu called "Forum Jump" where you can select a subforum you want to read and you'll be able to access the posts.

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    Thank you Haiko, I can now access the threads. (via "real frontpage")

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    Hi Sam Bay, thanks for the tip but the only way I can access the forums is through the ABW's fornt page. Does the drop down menu work for you?

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