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    LMI v. Smart Zones
    I was just looking at the CJ SmartZone program. SmartZones are essentially the same idea as the LMI, except the execution is cleaner and has more functionality.

    The SmartZone program gives you a list of smart zones and an interface to control all of the smartzones in your portfolio. The smartzone ads use the A-Tag instead of a form (that means the right click works.). They put text in the Alt Tag, which is better than Null. I like the idea that I can put a smart zone on a site and change out the ad in the CJ control panel (rather than having to code my site).

    When CJ already has a Javascript link type through the smartzone, I wonder why we need an LMI. Even more puzzling, if CJ already has an interface for maintaining JS links in its smartzone program, why where they so bone-headed as not to include such an interface with the LMI?

    If CJ were to block my ability to create legacy links, I think I would end up just using the smartzone program.

    Which brings up the next question. If CJ carries through with its absurd plans to phase out legacy links, will they also phase out smart zone links?

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    Smartzone is just banner rotation script. And you can only have 1 per page. That's for a reason.

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