Hard Knox hit again.
I was running optimize table on a large mysql db ... had done before and all went well. This time (it had grown) it hung on for hrs.
Searching, looking, hunting ... I found several folks tied up in optimize table for several days asking if it was ok to kill the process .... no replies or hints; No answers.
Meanwhile table is locked.
Now you would think ( at least I did) that it would be creating a tmp table and so the original would be intact .. kill it and all would be ok with the original.
Time passes ... still locked ( site dead); Read again about 72+ hrs and still "optimizing". Can find nothing about consequences of killing the process ... see this coming?
Answer is NO, do not stop it. Wiped me slap out. First repair died ... 2nd still kicking but doubtful as server is spitting out emails of tmp being full.
I'm thinking, copy table(s), optimize, rename.
While I was comtemplating a structure change .... I didn't plan on it 'appening in the morning
Maybe it will save somebody some troubles by being able to find a "No, don't kill it".