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    Hidden Agendas (LMI)
    My take on this entire LMI initiative is this... I simply do not believe CJ is interested in running affiliate programs any longer. I think they have a bigger picture in mind and it is going to based around one thing - capturing as much info as they can on anyone who clicks on their links. I really think they are aiming for a google-type interface instead of the traditional product links, etc. that we are used to. Nothing else makes sense to me!

    No company could be this stupid without some other agenda planned and it could not possibly have anything to do with the affiliate business, as we know it.

    They obviously do not care about what their merchants or their affiliates (regardless of what they wish to call us, that is what we are) think about their big pie in the sky and nothing short of - "you will have a link option" will convince me otherwise.

    But -- they haven't gotten their ducks in a row -- and that is why they extended the legacy links until after Christmas. They don't want to lose that holiday traffic and rather risk a mass exit - they made the extension.

    Well that rubs me wrong. I do not want to invest time in a company I will not be able to have a relationship with as soon as the big season ends. At least not the relationship that I have built my sites around all these years.

    So -- it's time to begin taking those steps to end yet another one-way love affair. I realllllllly liked CJ - I made money (so did they), but I don't see that for the future. But they don't care if I leave. I am insignificant to their big picture.

    Never have I seen a company so full of themselves. Their arrogance tops all scales and their belief that they are the ultimate experts in the affiliate business is deceiving to those they try to sucker in to believing in their inflated visions and obvious new agenda.

    Rarely does a company with such total disregard for those who invested in them and partnered with them for years as they learned and grew, succeed when they thumb their noses at those same people.

    Do I wish for CJ would go bankrupt? I only wish my wishes were so powerful , but humans are so capable of compartmentalization and for me, CJ is going into the trash compartment. Whatever their future holds will not be impacted by my decision, but I’ll be hanging around the sidelines on occasion just to see if bad business wins or loses this time around.

    What's next?
    I've already seen a nice increase in sales with other companies. Companies that I didn't invest much time in because of the ease of CJ's interface and because I'm lazy. This new energy to find merchants and products and promotions which in the past I buried under CJ merchants is like building my site over again. It's offered me something I haven't had in a long time -- newness -- and sales are picking up. As CJ merchants begin migrating elsewhere, I'm sure I'll want to continue representing them on my site, but if they don't hurry, I may not have room.

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    I'd blame the parent company, who has the capability of profiting from the datamining more. They can let CJ go their merry way as long as the data pours in about our visitors.

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    I think you're right Herb.

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    Nicely said, Leeann. My sentiments exactly.
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    they want to turn our sites in to spyware.

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    They get Zero datamining results from any dealings with their BHO theftware buddies. The same folks who don't even given them a sniff by using the CJ SEM program as no BHO even bothers spending money on PPCSE. They just provide searc bar hijacking service on other folks dimes.

    VC/CJ is going to be real hurt by Google's Checkout payment program not sharing a bit of datamining info and killing off their e-mail blast service on those G-Buy transactions.
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